The details

Hourly development rate. $150.00

Buy as few or as many as you want. Most app projects require about 250 hours minimum, budget accordingly. Please pay attention to the judicious use of the word MINIMUM.

We recommend buying in 10 hour blocks.

We do give bulk rate discounts on purchases over 240 hours.

We can service about 480 man hours a month.

No, respectfully, we do not do partnerships

All work requires 100% pre-payment. Work will stop when this time is used up, no matter what the status of the project is. You will be required to attend to this to avoid service interruption.

Most projects require a Technical Design Document to be drawn up. This would include everything needed to get the application to it’s defined completed state. Most Technical Design Documents take about a week for us to generate and we charge a flat fee of $295.00. If it is determined your project requires a T.D.D. a much more detailed project analysis will be called for.

The T.D.D. will give you all the information about the particulars of the project including timelines, milestones, labor and infrastructure estimates and a road map from start to finish. It is your guide to see your application go from concept to concrete.